XHMI-001 OLED HMI Data Display

XHMI-001 Panel Mount OLED HMI Data Display.

  • Supplied with Grey ABS enclosure, IP67 rated, suitable for mounting in 37South XENC-001 Premium Equipment Pillars.
  • Selectable Power supply input range supports 5 Volt DC, or 12-24 Volt DC for maximum deployment flexibility.
  • Provided with two Switchcraft 4 Pin chassis connectors to allow plug and play deployment with standard 37South cable accessories.
  • Dual RS485 serial ports, both supporting MODBUS-RTU protocol: Master MODBUS RTU Port allows direct polling of downstream Modbus slave devices.
  • Slave MODBUS RTU Port allows the HMI to be polled by an upstream Modbus Master RTU device.
  • Easy configuration and navigation on the programming Menu by three buttons on the front panel.
  • Possibility to read and display up to 20 parameters / values. Auto scroll for visualized values.
  • Ability to configure calculation of the moving average for the acquired analog values.
  • Ability to scale the acquired analog values. Selectable menu language: Italian, English, French. Settable display contrast.
  • Number of quantities to view on the same display screen: 1, 2 or 3 measurements. Settable number of decimal figures: automatic, 1, 2 or 3.

This is a standard stocked item.

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