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37South is a Victorian based Industrial Product Design and Engineering Company.

37South designs and develops class-leading ultra-low powered 3G / 4G Cellular, Sigfox IoT, Radio and Satellite based RTU and Data Logger products, supporting the industry standard DNP3 protocol for the utility sector under the brands of Site Sentinel® and Metermade®.

We have a long history of delivering innovative SCADA and Communications Systems Integration solutions in the Utility sector across Australia and a rich heritage in the product design space for the Utility industry.

All Site Sentinel and Metermade products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, preserving our long-standing commitment to our end customers of Australian Made products with high reliability operation and crucially,  local product support.

Our products are trusted by Australia’s leading Utility organisations, with over 3,500 units deployed.

Allow us to explore previously unmeasured operational potential through high quality data acquisition with a variety of cost effective, low maintenance Site Sentinel or Metermade products.