Metermade to MAG8000 Flow meter 1.0m

Metermade to MAG8000 Flow meter Modbus Data Cable

  • 5-Pin (Modbus Comms) Pre-Terminated Cable Tail 1.0 metre cable length
  • Supplied with cable gland fitted and potted, to suit direct installation onto Siemens MAG8000 Battery powered Flow Meter
  • Provides RS485 wire pairs for connection to MAG8000 Modbus Card.
  • 1.0 metre cable length.
  • Factory terminated and over molded with Switchcraft EN3 connector and high quality shielded data cable.
  • Suits connection of MAG8000 to Metermade N3-001-DA Modbus comms port.

This is a standard stocked item.

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