We are here to help

Should you have any technical questions or require any assistance in regards to the correct configuration and setup of the Site Sentinel® and Metermade® product range, there are many ways in which we can promptly assist.

In Person

Upon request at our office or yours.

Or contact your local distributor for assistance, for a list of authorised distributors that can provide support, please click HERE

Return Materials Authorisation (RMA)

Should you have the requirement to ship products or accessories to our Service Department for inspection, upgrade or repair, please complete our online Return Materials Authorisation (RMA) form using the link HERE

Please ensure that you complete a separate RMA form for each device being shipped back to 37South. 

DO NOT SHIP batteries back with products unless requested by 37South.


Available below is a copy of our Standard Terms & Conditions of trade as well as our Privacy policy.

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