Product Description

Configurator M+ Device Configuration Software

Supports programming of all Site Sentinel and Metermade product variants running firmware version 3.00 onwards.

  • Explorer tree style management of device configurations.
  • Create separate work spaces for the management of different clients different site types etc.
  • Add rich descriptions to device configurations such as location maps site photos etc.
  • Device Firmware update tool now incorporated into the Configurator M+ software.
  • Auto-detection of Site Sentinel and Metermade progamming cables.
  • Auto-detection of Site Sentinel and Metermade device type firmware version comms options and supported commands and features.
  • Enhanced configuration error checking.
  • Local image upload and tuning when using the XCAM-001 JPEG Image Camera.
  • Extensive user Tool-tips incorporated into the software allowing efficient device programming without needing to refer to a separate product manual.

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