OEM Ultra-low Power 3G-DNP3 Data Logger Module

The Teton® T1 embedded module is a combination of ultra-low power microprocessor design complete with built in 3G, 3G+GPS/GLONASS or 4G cellular modem and highly-optimised integrated DNP3 protocol stack.

All of the hard work has been done and this fully-built, high-reliability module is the result.  The Teton T1 module core boasts industry leading ultra-low power consumption of 20uA in sleep mode, with high speed counters still active.

The Teton T1  module forms the core element in all Site Sentinel® and Metermade® ultra-low power cellular based products.

The Teton T1 module is available as an option for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). The Teton T1 module can be supplied with full-featured existing firmware, or customer application firmware is easily developed based on existing or new code libraries.  Protocols other than DNP3 and Modbus can be developed as required.

The Teton T1 module has been designed from the ground up to ensure global compliance possibilities for OEM customers.  The Teton T1 module is built to RoHS standards in an ISO9000 accredited manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia and features AU/NZ EMC Regulatory compliance as standard.

The Teton T1 platform offers OEM’s the ability to provide ultra-low power, DNP3 support in their own products, with a link to the outside world via integrated 3G communications hardware.

The Teton T1’s flexible device configuration enables the measurement of a variety of analog and digital signals. This data is stored internally on non-volatile Flash memory with upstream communications provided using an internal 3G-compliant cellular modem.

Host compatibility is ensured with integrated DNP3.0 protocol support. Complete control is handed to the user to allow custom data logging and wake-from-sleep regimes to be configured to balance battery life against report-to-host  requirements. Remote configuration and device management is supported via leading industry SCADA applications.

The Teton T1’s ultra-compact physical size allows for ease of integration into new designs or installation into existing products with minimal engineering effort, therefore reducing “time to market”.

The Teton T1 suits a wide range of utility and environmental applications, such as data logging of remote sites, zone pressure monitoring in water grids and sewer manhole monitoring, metering applications, cathodic protection, generators, pump controllers etc.




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