Ultra-low Power Event Driven I/O Site Monitor – Sigfox IoT Radio Equipped

The Site Sentinel J2-001-IA-SF is ideal for the following applications:

  • Backup I/O monitoring – At pump stations, reservoirs, equipment cabinets – replaces old “alarm diallers”.
  • Industrial I/O monitoring – Where I/O point count is very small and equipment / deployment cost is of consideration.
  • Pressure Sewer Pump Stations – With small switchboards (compact footprint).
  • OEM applications – Provide an I/O monitoring option on your own packaged equipment offerings.
  • Mining – Monitor washroom facilities, remote water tanks, generator on/off status, fuel level low.

The Site Sentinel J2 is a very compact device, featuring an impressive I/O count for such a small package, it contains 2 x  Digital Inputs (dry contact) and 1 x 0-5 Volt Analog Input and features wide input range power supply supporting connection to power sources from 5 to 30 Volt DC.

The Site Sentinel J2 is supplied factory programmed with a default configuration, allowing swift installation and commissioning with “zero touch programming” being required from field personnel to complete deployment.  Simply scan the barcode on the device to obtain the Sigfox PAC/ID device identification information and provision on the Sigfox portal.

The Site Sentinel J2 operates in the following manner, straight out of the box:

  • Upon power up, the device sends an initial unsolicited transmission to the Sigfox back end server, this “health check” message is then repeated every hour, or every 24 hours after power up and is ideal for diagnostics.
  • Upon change of state on either digital input and in any direction, the device sends an unsolicited transmission to the Sigfox back end server.
  • The unsolicited “event” driven messages contain all Physical Analog and Digital I/O Status information, along with diagnostics data such as RSSI, device supply voltage etc.

The Site Sentinel J2 device is offered in a single model variant and is equipped with internal antenna with an IP Rating of IP68 (1 metre / 1 day).  Mounting is achieved via a single M16 nut for single hole installation, and optional securing by two x M3 screws in the base of the device.  The device is ultra-compact and measures only 60 mm diameter and 50 mm in height.

The Site Sentinel J2 provides highly reliable direct-to-cloud server data monitoring in a single package thanks to its built-in Sigfox IoT Radio module, permitting use on Sigfox Radio networks in the RCZ4 region, covering Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and South America.  Using native Sigfox back-end server information, course location information can be obtained.

Every Site Sentinel J2 device is supplied with factory terminated M12 IO / Power connection cable of 3.0 metres length and quick installation guide, permitting operation straight out of the box.

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