Ultra-low Power Data Loggers ( 4G Cat-M1 / NB-IoT Cellular)


The Site Sentinel® X1 is our flagship product and is the ultra-low power, waterproof, utility and environmentally-focused variant of the Site Sentinel® product family.

The Site Sentinel X1  provides highly-reliable direct-to-host data monitoring in a single package thanks to built-in 4G (Cat-M1 / NB-IoT) cellular modem and native DNP3 / FTP data protocols as standard.

The Site Sentinel X1 is designed for high volume, ultra-long life “battery only” deployments, with the user being provided with complete control of wake-from-sleep, sensor power control and data logging regimes, as well as report-to-host intervals.  Extensive user configurable Analog and Digital Alarming functionality is also provided.

The Site Sentinel X1 is offered in three (3) different models to match the desired functionality against deployment price-point, each with a different mix of Digital Inputs/Counters, Analog Inputs, Modbus Master RS232 / RS485 Communications Port, Dedicated JPEG Image Capture Camera Port and in-built Solar Regulator / Battery Charger.

The Site Sentinel  X1-001 / X1-002 products support  connection to the XBAT-033 high-capacity extended battery pack for ultra-long deployment life where connection to Solar / External DC supply is not possible.

The Site Sentinel X1 product range offers end users a cutting edge hardware platform design and industry-leading ultra-low battery power consumption along with IP68 Rating (4 metres / 4 days).

The Site Sentinel X1 product is equipped with both Internal and External Antenna connections on all models.

See Product Datasheet for further information and FULL product specifications.