Ultra-low Power Manhole Monitor (3G / 4G Cellular)


The Site Sentinel® M1 and Site Sentinel® M2 Manhole Monitor’s are specifically packaged variants of the Site Sentinel® ultra-low powered Logger family and enable high or low alarm level monitoring of sewer and drainage manholes.

The Site Sentinel M1 and Site Sentinel M2 are true self-contained designs and are fitted with a single integrated float switch on the Site Sentinel M1 and dual integrated float switches on the Site Sentinel M2 to provide highly-reliable direct-to-host data monitoring in a single package thanks to built-in 3G or 4G cellular modem and native DNP3 / FTP data protocols as standard.

The Site Sentinel M1 / M2 is designed to operate in the field for up to ten years on a single set of batteries (based on one report per day) and provides protection rating to IP68, rated for survival at 4 metres for 4 days duration.

The Site Sentinel M1 / M2 is provided with a 316 stainless steel mounting bracket as standard, with other optional “quick installation” mounting brackets also available to suit the required deployment application.

The Site Sentinel M1 / M2 product is equipped with both Internal and External Antenna connections.

See Product Datasheet for further information and FULL product specifications.