Ultra Compact 3G DNP3 RTU / Data Logger

The Site Sentinel® P2 is an ultra-compact form factor design and ideal for space-constrained deployment applications, or simply where minimal I/O (or protocol mediation) is required and price point is a key factor.

The Site Sentinel Pproduct provides highly-reliable direct-to-host data monitoring in a single package thanks to built-in 3G cellular modem and native DNP3 and FTP data protocols as standard.

The ultra-low power design (less than 900uA current draw in sleep mode) makes the Site Sentinel® P2 ideal for solar site applications.

The Site Sentinel P2 product can be configured for “low power” sleep mode operation, or be configured as a “real-time” polled device allowing data updates on demand.

Modbus Master support (user configurable) is provided for connection to one or more “smart” downstream devices such as flow meters, power meters, multi-parameter water quality probes, distributed remote I/O etc.

The Site Sentinel Pideal for use as a single-box DNP3 / 3G to Modbus Master Gateway / Protocol converter.

The Site Sentinel P2 product is equipped with a wide-range 9-30 Volt DC Supply Input, 2 x Analog Inputs (V or I), 2 x Digital Inputs/Counters and a Modbus Master RS485 Communications Port.

See Product Datasheet for further information and FULL product specifications.