Product Description

Data Logging Rain Gauge (3G or 4GX Cellular)

Ideal for all Rainfall Data collection and reporting requirements for:

  • Flood Warning.
  • General Remote Rainfall Monitoring.

High Resolution Rain Gauge ensures that rainfall data down to 0.2mm accuracy can be accurately event logged as the rainfall event occurs.

Small solar panel and ultra-low power consumption provides sufficient power for the lifetime of the product.

Equipment Package Includes:

  • Pole Mounted and Solar Powered package.
  • Pre-wired and pre-built package.
  • Includes stainless steel pole mounting hardware bird spikes and debris filter.
  • Site Sentinel¸ X1-001-DA (3G Comms only).
  • Self Emptying Tipping bucket Rain Gauge with 0.2mm Resolution.
  • 5 Watt Solar Panel.

Package Options:

  • High Gain Antenna options.